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Odoo Customization easier

Customizing Odoo allows businesses to have an ERP system that aligns perfectly with their unique operations and helps them achieve greater efficiency and productivity.We deliver high end customization services so that customers get the full benefit of using their application, there by achieving the business goals.

Odoo Customization Process


Requirement Gathering

Gather all the specific requirements and objectives from the business.Understand their unique processes, challenges, and the desired outcomes they want to achieve with the Odoo implementation.


Analysis and Planning

The customization team will review the existing Odoo modules and functionalities to identify gaps between the standard features and the client's needs. A customization plan is then created to address these gaps.


Design and Development

This may involve creating new Odoo modules, modifying existing ones, or integrating third-party apps. The team will use Odoo's development tools, including Python programming language and Odoo's module structure.



This phase includes functional testing, user acceptance testing (UAT), and bug fixing.It is performed to ensure that the customizations work as intended and do not interfere with the existing functionalities.



Once the customizations are tested and approved, they are deployed on the production environment. Careful planning and communication are crucial during the deployment to minimize disruptions to ongoing operations.



The completed and tested products will be delivered to clients.


Training and User Adoption

Provide comprehensive training to users on the new custom features and workflows. Encourage user feedback and make necessary adjustments if required.

Technical support

Support and Maintenance

Continues to offer support and maintenance services to address any issues that may arise, provide updates, and further refine the customizations as the business evolves.