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Sales Management Solution

Sales Management is a critical aspect of any organization, and an ERP system can play a significant role in streamlining and optimizing sales processes. Our Service Management Solution systems are designed to streamline and integrate various business processes within an organization.

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Sales Order Management

Sales Order Management involves the process of handling and managing customer sales orders efficiently.

  • Order Processing and Tracking
  • Inventory Management Integration
  • Customer Communication and Documentation

Price and Discount Management

Price and discount management is crucial for businesses to attract customers, optimize revenue, and maintain profitability.By continually evaluating your pricing strategy, you can effectively manage prices and discounts, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve better financial results for your business.

  • Competitive Pricing Strategy
  • Segmented Pricing and Personalization
  • Discount Management and Promotions

Quotation Management

Quotation Management involves the process of creating, organizing, and tracking quotations or price estimates for products or services provided to customers

  • Quotation Creation
  • Quotation Tracking
  • Versioning and History

Integration with E-commerce Platforms

Integrate ERP with e-commerce platforms to synchronize online sales data with the ERP system.

  • API Integration
  • Payment Gateways Integration
  • Inventory Management Integration

Sales Commission Management

Calculate and manage sales commissions for the sales team based on predefined rules and criteria.

  • Define Commission Structure
  • Automate Commission Calculations
  • Regularly Review and Communicate

Sales Tax Management

Sales Tax Management involves the processes of collecting, calculating, and remitting sales tax to the appropriate tax authorities

  • Tax Collection and Calculation
  • Tax Reporting and Compliance
  • E-commerce and Nexus

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