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Odoo Migration

Depending on the complexity of your web application and the differences between the Odoo versions, you might need the assistance of experienced Odoo developers or consultants to ensure a successful migration.Thats why we are here.

Odoo Migration Process


Backup your data

Before performing any migration, always make sure to back up your existing data, including the database and files related to your Odoo website.


Check for module compatibility

Ensure that all custom modules, themes, and dependencies are compatible with the target version of Odoo. Some modules may need to be updated or replaced with newer versions that are compatible with your target Odoo version.

code review

Review changes between versions

It's crucial to review the release notes and changelogs between your current version and the target version to understand the changes that may impact your website content.

Export Content

Exporting data directly from the database or use specialized third-party modules for this purpose.

Prepare data for import

Transform or format the data to match the structure and requirements of the target Odoo version.


Import content

Importing the website content to the target Odoo instance. Depending on the volume and complexity of the data, this process may require careful handling to ensure data integrity.

Verify functionality

Test the website's functionality, pages, and features to ensure everything works as expected. Pay attention to any discrepancies or issues that may have occurred during the migration process.

technical support

Check theme compatibility

If you were using a custom theme in the source Odoo instance, you may need to check if it is compatible with the target Odoo version. Custom themes might require adjustments or updates to work correctly.


Rebuild customizations

The needed customizations or modifications on your site recreate or update them to fit the new Odoo version's structure and API changes.


Go live

Tested the site and ensured everything is working as expected, you can deploy the migrated website to your production environment.